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The purpose of this service is to provide the full content of "Botanical Studies", which is an international journal, by using World-Wide Web (WWW) technology. With this service you can access the content by taking advantage of network and computer, such as access it from anyplace where the Internet access is available, and provide more services then paper edition, such as full text search, author index and keyword index of all article on line.

Computer Environment
Any computer hardware and operating system, such as PC, Mac or Workstation, with Windows, Linux, MacOS or Unix, can run Netscape Navigator 4.x, Communicator 4.x, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x is suitable for accessing this service. If you would like to browse the content in PDF format, then you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or above. Please download Acrobat Reader

How to use
In the left hand side of home page, we provide the basic information about this journal. The "Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica" (IPMB), is the institute who publish this journal.

In the "Journal Information" category, besides the information in the paper edition of journal, such as "Editorial Board", "Information for Author" and "About this Journal". we provide this user's guide, "Copyright Notice", "Contact Us" on line and "Related Sites" for this electronic service.

On the right hand side of home page, we provide two ways to access the content - Browse and Search. In the "Browse Issues Content", you can access the content by using the "Issues Index" which is similar to the paper edition, or "Author Index" and "Keyword Index" which are only available in this electronic service.

The second way to access the content is by using "Full Text Search", just enter any word you would like to find in the article, the system will search all the article and then list articles contained the word for you.

Formats of content
We provide two formats of article content - HTML and PDF. Normally the file size of articles content in HTML format are less 100 K bytes, and for PDF format, the file size are significantly larger than HTML format, but the layout of each page is much better than HTML and almost same as the paper edition. The rule of thumb is that you can browse the article in HTML first. If you decide to print out it, or some of layout is incorrect, then browse the PDF format.

How many issues available currently
From "Volume 31 Number 1 1990" to "Volume 46 Number 4 2005 ", currently there are issues available on line, and all the new issues later on.

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