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Project Team
Long-Fang Chen    Wen-Hsiung Li    Ming-Che Shih
Yaw-Huei Lin
Editorial Assistant
Chun-Mei Lin
Computer Typesetting Advisor:
Vincent Wang    Hsni-Chieh Lee
E-Journal Architech:
(Computing Center, Academia Sinica)
Chin-Tang Chang
Rick Jelliffe

Technique behind this E-Journal

The original paper edition of journal is typeset by using PageMaker on Windows. We save all files as HTML and PDF in PageMaker.

In this project, we use XML technology to create the metadata information of journal, issues and all articles. The creation procedure is done semi-automatically - use simple C program and perl script to extract information from HTML file, and create draft metadata in XML format. And then check the draft by hand in IE 5.0 and fix error in it.

With metadata, we use IBM XML4J, LotusXSL and perl script to create all different views of index, i.e. "Issue Index View", "Author Index View", "Keyword Index View", and "Article Basic Information View". We also use "tidy" program to up the original HTML file, and then use perl script to add "Dublin Core" Catalog Information in the header of HTML file.

System and Facility Maintenance Computing Centre, Academia Sinica
Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica
XML Technical Support Computing Centre, Academia Sinica   Chin-Tang Chang
Web Data Service Chun-Mei Lin
Web Page Service Vincent Wang     Hsni-Chieh Lee

Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
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