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The Botanical Studies is an international, academic journal that welcomes original papers in all fields of botany. The journal has an improved format and an enlarged editorial board of renowned, international scholars.

The journal is published quarterly, has a world-wide circulation, and is covered by major abstracting and indexing services, such as BIOSISR, CAB Abstracts, Current Contents (CC/A,B&ES).

Life Sciences, Research Alert, Science Citation Index (SCI), SCISEARCHR, TAXON, Tobacco Abstracts, International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT) and Japan Science and Technology Corporation.

Information Center for Science and Technology (JICST). Accepted manuscripts will be published within six months, after editorial and peer review and copy editing.

There are no page charges, and the author (or first author) will receive 100 free offprints. Please take this opportunity and send your manuscript to the Botanical Studies now.

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