BBAS - Volume 30 Number 2 April 1989
Volume 30 Number 2 April 1989
T. N. Wen, P.H. Tung, C. S. Chen
Purification and some properties of a restriction endonuclease Ccy I from Clostridium cylindrosporum
P. C. Trivedi
Response of resistant and susceptible soybean cultivars to Heterodera glycines races
J. S. Dahiya, S. R. Rimmer
Phytoalexin accumulation in plant tissues of Brassica spp. in response to abiotic elicitors and infections with Leptosphaeria maculans
T. K. Goh, W. H. Hsieh
New species of Cercospora and allied genera of Taiwan
A. B. I. Igboanugo
Adaptations to changes in illumination of chloroplast structure, chlorophyll content and light transmission of mature leaves of some deciduous tree seedlings
C. M. Kuo
Additional knowledge for the fern flora of Taiwan 7. Pteris wulaiensis Kuo, a new species
T. J. Chow, I. S. Hwang, T. C. Huang
Comparison of pigments and photosynthate of Nostoc strains cultured photoautotrophically and chemoheterotrophically
J. F. Shaw, R. S. Pan, W. H. Hsu
Influence of pH on the inactivation kinetics of isoamylase
H. S. Chang
Six synnematous hyphomycetes new for Taiwan
H. S. Chang
Two helicosporous hyphomycetes closely related to Helicosporium elinorae Linder