BBAS - Volume 31 Number 1 January 1990
Volume 31 Number 1 January 1990
R. K. Dubey, K. C. Sharma and A. Pillai
Stem-node-leaf continuum in Bauhinia purpurea Linn
Rey-Yuh Wu and Hong-Ji Su
Transmission of banana bunchy Top virus by aphids to banana plantlets from tissue culture
Mei Shiou Lin and Ching Huei Kao
Senescence of rice leaves.
XXI. Changes of Mg2+ -dependent alkaline inorganic pyrophosphatase activity during senescence
Yaw-Huei Lin and Hing-Yuen Chan
Purification and properties of endopeptidases of sprouts of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam. cv. Tainong 64)
Li-Chun Huang, Bau-Lian Huang and Wen-Lin Chen
Tissue culture investigations of bamboo
V. Recovery of callus from protoplasts of suspension-cultured bambusa cells
R. L. Z. Thoorne, G. R. Waller, J. K. Mcpherson, E. G. Krenzer, Jr., and C.-C. Young
Autotoxic effects of old and new wheat straw in conventional-tillage and no-tillage wheat soil
Albert Eicker and Elizma Strydom
An evaluation of azaconazole for the treatment of wood used for Agaricus bisporus mushroom growing trays
A. K. Pradeep, K. T. Joseph and V. V. Sivarajan
Rotala malabarica, a new species of Lythraceae from India