BBAS - Volume 31 Number 3 July 1990
Volume 31 Number 3 July 1990
R. F. Lin and C. C. Chen
Cytological studies of interspecific somatic hybrids in Nicotiana
M. S. Lin and C. H. Kao
Senescence of rice leaves XXII. Changes of acid inorganic pyrophosphatase during senescence
M.-J. Su, M.-C. Lai, S.-F. Weng, and Y.-H. Tseng
Characterization of phage oL7 and transfection of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris by the phage DNA
A. Eicker, J. T. Peng, and Z. C. Chen
A Pseudohansfordia-disease of sawdust-cultivated Auricularia mesenterica in Taiwan
L.-C. Huang, W.-L. Chen, K.-Y. Yeong, and B.-L. Huang
Hormonal requirements for proliferation of pseudobulbils in citrus nucellus cultures
S. B. Pradhan and S. N. Ratho
Studies on internode and certain other characters in relation to cytoplasmic-genetic male sterile lines in rice
C. H. Chou and Y. Y. Chen
Population study of Miscanthus floridulus III. Population variation of M. floridulus in Green and Orchid Islets of Taiwan
M. S. Kooij, G. J. Bredenkamp, and G. K. Theron
The vegetation of the deep sandy soils of the A land type in the north western Orange Free State, South Africa
S. F. Huang
The marine algal flora of Hsiao-Liuchiu island
H. S. Chang
Setiform conidiophore Hyphomycetes from Taiwan