BBAS - Volume 32 Number 2 April 1991
Volume 32 Number 2 April 1991
S. D. Kung, X. H. Feng, P. Bottino, N. Barnett, S. Akada, Y. Q. Xu and T. C. Tso
The role of cytokinin in genetic tumorigenesis in Nicotiana
Yaw-Huei Lin and Mingeon Tsai
In vitro protease activities of four parts of germinated Tainong 57 sweet potato roots
Chang-Hung Chou, Yi-Feng Lee, C. Y. Chiu, Y. C. Wang and F. H. Hsu
Population study of Miscanthus
IV. Growth performance of M. floridulus and M. transmorrisonensis and their acclimation to temperatures and water stresses
Yuanman Huang and Ching Huei Kao
Senescence of rice leaves
XXVIII. Effects of molybdate and vanadate on acid phosphatase and leaf senescence
Tsan-Piao Lin and Yung-Sheng Lee
Characterization of two glucan synthases from shoot of Dendrocalamus latiflorus
Dinq-Ding Huang, Rocky Chau-Sing Law and Oi-Tong Mak
Effects of tissue-cultured Anoectochilus formosanus Hay. extracts on the arachidonate metabolism
Irmgard von Teichman
Pericarp structure in Protorhus longifolia (Bernh.) Engl. (Anacardiaceae) and its taxonomic significance
Tan-Chi Huang, Kuen-Cherng Lay and Sing-Rong Tong
Resetting the endogenous circadian N2-fixing rhythm of the prokaryote Synechococcus RF-1.
Li-Tzu Li and Wen-Hsui Hsieh
Microcyclus pruni sp. nov. hyperparasitized by Paranectriella arcuata
Bao-Lian Chang, Hui-Chung Chou and Jenn Tu
Xanthomonas plasmid pXW45N replicates in Escherichia coli.