BBAS - Volume 33 Number 4 October 1992
Volume 33 Number 4 October 1992
Irmgard von Teichman
Notes on the ovule and partially pachychalazal seed of Operculicarya decaryi H. Perrier (Anacardiaceae)from Madagascar
M. J. Potgieter and A. E. van Wyk
Intercellular pectic protuberances in plants : their structure and taxonomic significance
Manlin Lee and Chia-Wei Li
The origin of the silica deposition vesicle of diatoms
Tun-Tschu Chang
One terrestrial and some lignicolous Aphyllophorales(Basidiomycotina) from Taiwan
F. H. Hsu and Chang-Hung Xhou
Inhibitory effects of heavy metals on seed germination and seedling growth of Miscanthus species
Chien Teh Chen, Shen Lee Chen and Ching Huei Kao
Effects of polyamine and ethylene biosynthesis inhibitors on ethylene production and polyamine levels in detached rice leaves
Dean Der-Syh Tzeng and Ruey-Shyang Chen
Involvement of Haber-Weiss reaction in the photochemical productionof ethylene from methionine riboflavin mixture
Shue-Mei Wang, Shu-Yuann Wu and Jychian Chen
Purification and characterization of beta-amylase in maize kernel
Tsung-Che Tseng, Ishien Li and Yung-Hsu Chao
Preparation and characterization of a monoclonal antibody against aflatoxins B1, B2, G1,and G2
Jiu-Sherng Yang and Chon-Anne Ye
Plant regeneration from petioles of in vitro tegenerated papaya (Carica papaya L.) shoots