BBAS - Volume 34 Number 4 October 1993
Volume 34 Number 4 October 1993
A. H. C. Huang, J. T. C. Tzen, K. Lee, F. Y. Bih, J. T. L. Ting and C. Ratnayake
Seed oil bodies in maize and other species
Ching Huei Kao
Polyamines and rice leaf senescence
Maw Sun Lin
Changes in genetic diversity in the Japonica rice region of Taiwan
Chung-Mong Chen and Li-Ching Lee
A repetitive sequence in Nicotiana plumbaginifolia contains an element homologous to the hypothetical replication origins of plant viruses
G. R. Waller, P. R. West, C. S. Cheng, Y. C. Ling and C. H. Chou
The occurrence of soyasaponin I in Vigna radiata L. (mungbean) sprouts as determined by fast aom bombardment, liquid secondary ion mass spectrometry, and linked scanning at constant B/E MS/MS
S. S. Cilliers and H. Kruger
Leaf anatomy of the southern African species of Brachylaena(Asteraceae)
David E. Boufford and Ching-I Peng
Soliva Ruiz & Pavon (Anthemideae, Asteraceae) in Taiwan
Hin-Kiu Mok, Jeng-Di Lee, Chung-Pan Lee
A new record of seagrass, Halophila decipiens Ostenfeld (Hydrocharitaceae), in Taiwan
Tun-Tschu Chang
Cylindrocladium and Cylindrocladiella species new to Taiwan
Rong Yang Wu
Studies of the production of Neihumicin by Micromonospora neihuensis Wu