This search system allows you to search the contents of all the articles of BBAS On-line at this site.

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Example: DNA
Search for DNA for all article.

Search Tips:

Enter author names, keywords, or phrases in article in the "Search" field, then press "Search" button to start the search. The search is case insensitive.

The function of several options on the form are described as followed:

  • Boolean:
    You may use "not", "and", "or" and parenthesis. Boolean expressions need to be 'correct' in order for the search system to use them.
    Examples of correct expressions are: cat and dog, cat not dog, cat or (dog not nose).
    You can not write "cat and not dog" or just "not dog" but you can write "cat not dog". Note that the operator 'not' has the meaning of 'without'.
  • All:
    It means that all the phrases that you input in the search field MUST be exist in the articles. This is the default setting for the search form on the home page.
    Example is: dna rapd
    The case is insensitive, therefore this is telling the search system to look at those articles contains 'DNA' and 'RAPD'.
  • Any:
    This means 'or' function.
    Example is: DNA RAPD
    It means looking for those articles contains 'DNA' or 'RPAD'.
Two different formats of result screen, long format or short format.
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  • Short
Sort by
The articles found are listed by following order. The higher 'Score' of an article found means that it contains more occurrence of phrases that you input in the search form.
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