BBAS - Volume 33 Number 1 January 1992
Volume 33 Number 1 January 1992
Shyi-Dong Yeh, Ching-Hsien Wang and Moh-Jih Chen
Detection and immunological analysis of a 112k protein of papaya ringspot virus produced in vivo
Woan-Ling Chen, Elizabeth L. Gross and Rong Long Pan
A photoelectrochemical cell using electrodes modified by photosystem I particles of spinach
Yuanman Huang and Ching Huei Kao
The importance of transmembrane flux of Ca2+ in regulating dark-induced senescence of detached corn leaves
Tan-Chi Huang and Te-Jin Chow
Characterization of the Calothrix isolates from rice fields
P. C. Zietsman and F. C. Botha
Flowering of Ziziphus mucronata subsp. mucronata (Rhamnaceae)--anthesis, pollination and protein synthesis
Fang-Sheng Wu, Yuan-Kuey Shieh and Teng-Yung Feng
Stimulated synthesis of specific proteins by calcium perturbation and heat dhock in Brassica napus
A. Jordaan and J. D. Theunissen
Phenolic deposits and tannin in the leaves of five xerophytic species from southern Africa
Chang-Hung Chou and Jen-Jeng Ueng
Phylogenetic relationship among species of Miscanthus populations in Taiwan
Hiko-Ichi Oka
Ecology of wild rice planted in Taiwan
II. Comparison of two populations with different genotypes
Colleen Ebersohn and Albert Eicker
Coprophilous fungal species composition and species diversity on various dung substrates of African game animals
Rewa Dhillon-Grewal, D. S.Virk, B. K. Mangat, R. K. Basra and A. S. Basra
Polyamine levels in anthers of poly-cytoplasmic isonuclear male sterile lines of pearl millet
Ho-Shii Chang
On the isolates of Pleurothecium recurvatum (Morgan) Hohnel from Taiwan