Botanical Studies - Volume 48 Number 3 July 2007
Volume 48 Number 3 July 2007
Yun-Peng ZHAO, Ying-Xiong QIU, Wei GONG, Jian-Hua LI, and Cheng-Xin FU*
Authentication of Actinidia macrosperma using PCRRFLP based on trnK sequences
Ai-Ling HOUR, Yao-Cheng LIN, Pei-Fang LI, Teh-Yuan CHOW, Wei-Fu LU, Fu-Jin WEI, and Yue-Ie C. HSING*
Detection of SNPs between Tainung 67 and Nipponbare rice cultivars
Wen-Hui WEI*, Su-Feng ZHANG, Li-Jun WANG, Bo CHEN, Xiao-Ming WU, and Yun-Chun SONG
Karyotyping of Brassica oleracea L. based on Cot-1 and ribosomal DNAs
Yueh-Yun CHENG, Shao-An FANG, Yao-Cheng LIN, and Mei-Chu CHUNG*
A repetitive sequence specific to Oryza species with BB genome and abundant in Oryza punctata Kotschy ex Steud
Shu-Jen TUAN, Roger F. HOU, Chi-Fen LEE, and Yu-Chan CHAO*
High level production of polyhedra in a scorpion toxincontaining recombinant baculovirus for better control of insect pests
Kuan-Hung LIN, Yung-Chung LAI, Kuan-Yee CHANG, Yen-Fu CHEN, Shih-Ying HWANG*, and Hsiao-Feng LO*
Improving breeding efficiency for quality and yield of sweet potato
Li WEN, Gai LIU, Shao-Qing LI, Cui-Xiang WAN, Jun TAO, Kai-Yang XU, Zai-Jun ZhANG, and Ying-Guo ZHU*
Proteomic analysis of anthers from Honglian cytoplasmic male sterility line rice and its corresponding maintainer and hybrid
Andrea Mariel SANSO* and Arturo Federico WULFF
Meiotic irregularities in Alstroemeria andina var. venustula (Alstroemeriaceae)
Hsiao-Man HO* and Gerald L. BENNY
Two new species of Syncephalis from Taiwan, with a key to the Syncephalis species found in Taiwan
Sheng-Hua WU*
Three new species of corticioid fungi from Taiwan
Li-Ying SONG, Guang-Yan NI, Bao-Ming CHEN, and Shao-Lin PENG*
Energetic cost of leaf construction in the invasive weed Mikania micrantha H.B.K. and its co-occurring species: implications for invasiveness
Jin-Tun ZHANG* and Feng ZHANG
Diversity and composition of plant functional groups in mountain forests of the Lishan Nature Reserve, North China
Tung-Yu HSIEH, Tien-Chuan HSU, Yoshiko KONO, Shin-Ming KU, and Ching-I PENG*
Gentiana bambuseti (Gentianaceae), a new species from Taiwan
Ching-I PENG*, Choon-Lin TIANG, and Tsai-Wen HSU
Tricyrtis ravenii (Liliaceae), a new species from Taiwa