Botanical Studies - Volume 47 Number 2 April 2006
Volume 47 Number 2 April 2006
Chen-Hsien LEE, Ming-Hsun CHAN, Ya-Nan WANG, and Fang-Hua CHU
Gene Investigation into the Inner bark of Taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides)
Chi-Chih WU, Shiang-Jiuun CHEN, Tsair-Bor YEN, and Ling-Long KUO-HUANG
Influence of calcium availability on deposition of calcium carbonate and calcium oxalate crystals in the idioblasts of Morus australis Poir. leaves
Jia-Ding YANG, Jian-Ying YUN, Tong-Hui ZHANG, and Ha-Lin ZHAO
Presoaking with nitric oxide donor SNP alleviates heat shock damages in mung bean leaf discs
Yao Jua XUE, Fu Liang XIE, and Zhi-Min YANG
Negative regulation of aluminum-responsive citrate efflux from roots of Cassia tora by an anion channel antagonist
Zixin MU, Suiqi ZHANG, Linsheng ZHANG, Aihua LIANG, and Zongsuo LIANG
Hydraulic conductivity of whole root system is better than hydraulic conductivity of single root in correlation with the leaf water status of maize
Pei-Ling LU, Qiang YU, Jian-Dong LIU, and Qing-Tang HE
Effects of changes in spring temperature on flowering dates of woody plants across China
Li-Chun HUANG, Wha-Shin HSU, You-Ming CHANG, Pan-Chi LIOU, Bau-Lian HUANG, Chin-Chu CHEN, and Chin-An CHANG
Virus-tested Lycoris aurea plants from apical meristems of adventitiously regenerated shoots
Abdulaziz Q. M. AL-SARRANI and Moustafa Y. M. EL-NAGGAR
Application of Plackett-Burman factorial design to improve citrinin production in Monascus ruber batch cultures
Ing-Feng CHANG and Chang-Hung CHOU
Ecotypic variation of Imperata cylindrica populations in Taiwan: II. Physiological and biochemical evidence
Juyu LIAN, Wanhui YE, Honglin CAO, Zhimin LAI, and Shiping LIU
Effects of periodic cutting on the structure of the Mikania micrantha community
Wei-Ping LI
Natural hybridization between Aster ageratoides var. scaberulus and Kalimeris indica (Asteraceae): evidence from morphology, karyotype, and ITS sequences
Chih-Hsiung CHEN, Jenn-Che WANG, and Yung-Chan CHANG
Tripterospermum lilungshanensis (Gentianaceae), a new species in Taiwan
Shin-Ming KU, Yan LIU, and Ching-I PENG
Four new species of Begonia sect. Coelocentrum (Begoniaceae) from limestone areas in Guangxi, China