Botanical Studies - Volume 48 Number 4 October 2007
Volume 48 Number 4 October 2007
Wen-Hsiung KO*
Hormonal regulation of sexual reproduction in Phytophthora
Yi-Pei CHEN, Ching-Ping TSENG, Li-Ling LIAW, Chun-Lin WANG, and Gwo-Fang YUAN*
Characterization of MRT, a new non-LTR retrotransposon in Monascus spp.
Fang-Hua CHU and Tun-Tschu CHANG*
Basidiomatal formation in Antrodia cinnamomea from the perspective of gene expression
Hung-Chi CHANG, Guan-Jhong HUANG, Dinesh Chandra AGRAWAL, Chao-Lin KUO, Chi-Rei WU, and Hsin-Sheng TSAY*
Antioxidant activities and polyphenol contents of six folk medicinal ferns used as "Gusuibu"
Heng-Yuan CHANG, Yu-Ling HO, Ming-Jyh SHEU, Yaw-Huei LIN, Mu-Chuan TSENG, Sheng-Hua WU, Guan-Jhong HUANG, and Yuan-Shiun CHANG*
Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities of Phellinus merrillii extracts
I-Chi CHUNG, Ray-Lien HWANG, Sin-Haw LIN, Tzure-Meng WU, Jing-Ying WU, Shih-Wei SU, Chung-Sin CHEN, and Tse-Min LEE*
Nutrients, temperature, and salinity as primary factors influencing the temporal dynamics of macroalgal abundance and assemblage structure on a reef of Du- Lang Bay in Taitung in southeastern Taiwan
Xiao-Bin ZHANG, Peng LIU*, Y.S. YANG, and Gen-Di XU
Effect of Al in soil on photosynthesis and related morphological and physiological characteristics of two soybean genotypes
Doris Chi-Ning CHANG* and Ling-Chin CHOU
Growth responses, enzyme activities, and component changes as influenced by Rhizoctonia Orchid mycorrhiza on Anoectochilus formosanus Hayata
Ru-Yi YANG, Jian-Jun TANG, Yi-Song YANG, and Xin CHEN*
Invasive and non-invasive plants differ in response to soil heavy metal lead contamination
Shu-lian XIE* and Jia FENG
Batrachospermum hongdongense (sect. Batrachospermum, Batrachospermaceae), a new species from Shanxi, China
Yan LIU, Shin-Ming KU, and Ching-I PENG*
Begonia bamaensis (sect. Coelocentrum, Begoniaceae), a new species from limestone areas in Guangxi, China
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