BBAS - Volume 41 Number 4 October 2000
Volume 41 Number 4 October 2000
Sheng Chung Huang, Chi Chu Tsai, Chian Shinn Sheu
Genetic analysis of Chrysanthemum hybrids based on RAPD molecular markers
Li-Chun Huang, Ching-I Kuo, Chiu-Hui Wang, Toshio Murashige, Tan-Chi Huang
Ethylene evolution by juvenile and adult developmental phases of Sequoia sempervirens shoots cultured in vitro
Fu-Hsing Hsu, Jeng-Bin Lin, Shyh-Rong Chang
Effects of waterlogging on seed germination, electric conductivity of seed leakage and developments of hypocotyl and radicle in sudangrass
Yuan-Hsun Hwang, Chiou-Fang Liou, I-Szu Weng
Nutrient dynamics of two aquatic angiosperms in an alpine lake, Taiwan
Ling-Long Kuo-Huang, Su-Hwa Chen, Shiang-Jiuun Chen
Ultrastructural study on the formation of sclereids in the floating leaves of Nymphoides coreana and Nuphar schimadai
M.Sh. Islam, Q.S.A. Jahan, K. Bunnarith, S. Viangkum, S.D. Merca
Evaluation of seed health of some rice varieties under different conditions
Li-Jen Liao, Yu-Han Lin, Kuang-Liang Huang, Wen-Shaw Chen, Yi-Mei Cheng
Postharvest life of cut rose flowers as affected by silver thiosulfate and sucrose
Monier M. Abd El-Ghani
Vegetation composition of Egyptian inland saltmarshes
Jin-Liang Chen, Shean-Shong Tzean
Conioscypha taiwaniana sp. nov. and several new records of the genus from Taiwan
Chih-Hsiung Chen, Jenn-Che Wang
Lomatogonium chilaiensis (Gentianaceae), a newly recorded genus and new species in Taiwan