BBAS - Volume 45 Number 1 January 2004
Volume 45 Number 1 January 2004
Studies on the production of some important secondary metabolites from medicinal plants by plant tissue cultures
(Review paper)
Z.-X. Lu, A. Laroche*, H.C. Huang
Segregation patterns for integration and expression of Coniothyrium minitans xylanase gene in Arabidopsis thaliana transformants
Jin-Ming Chen, Dan Chen, Wahiti Robert Gituru, Qing-Feng Wang, You-Hao Guo
Evolution of apocarpy in Alismatidae using phylogenetic evidence from chloroplast rbcL gene sequence data
Yi Ting Hsu, Ching Huei Kao*
Phosphinothricin tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings is associated with elevated abscisic acid in the leaves
Z.P. Shangguan, M.A. Shao, S.J. Ren, L.M. Zhang, Q. Xue
Effect of nitrogen on root and shoot relations and gas exchange in winter wheat
Xiaodong Zheng*, Hongyin Zhang, Yufang Xi
Effects of Cryptococcus laurentii (Kufferath) Skinner on biocontrol of postharvest decay of arbutus berries
Chao-Zong Lee, Guey-Yuh Liou, Gwo-Fang Yuan*
Comparison of Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus oryzae by amplified fragment length polymorphism
Wann-Neng Jane
Ultrastructure of endosperm development in Arundo formosana Hack. (Poaceae) from differentiation to maturity
Katsuyuki Terada*, Meng-Hao Hsu, Wen-Jer Wu
Notes on the carabidicolous Laboulbeniales (Ascomycetes) of Taiwan I
Wei-Ping Li*, Zhi-Guang Zhang
Aster shennongjiaensis (Asteraceae), a new species from central China