Botanical Studies - Volume 48 Number 1 January 2007
Volume 48 Number 1 January 2007
Yuh-Chyang CHARNG*, Gideon WU, Chia-Shan HSIEH, Han-Ning CHUANG, Ji-Ying HUANG, Ling-Chun YEH, Ya-Hsiung SHIEH, and Jenn TU
The inducible transposon system for rice functional genomics
Chunguo WANG, Xiaoqiang CHEN, Hui LI, and Wenqin SONG*
RNA editing analysis of mitochondrial nad3/rps12 genes in cytoplasmic male sterility and male-fertile cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) by cDNA-SSCP
Kuan-Hung LIN*, Hsiao-Feng LO, Chun-Hung LIN, and Ming-Tsir CHAN
Cloning and expression analysis of ascorbate peroxidase gene from eggplant under flooding stress
Ya-Qin WANG, Shu-Ying ZHU, Ying WANG, and Ming-Yong ZHANG*
Tissue and inducible expression of a rice glutathione transporter gene promoter in transgenic Arabidopsis
Xue Mei SUN, Bo LU, Si Qi HUANG, Surya Kant MEHTA, Lai Lang XU, and Zhi Min YANG*
Coordinated expression of sulfate transporters and its relation with sulfur metabolites in Brassica napus exposed to cadmium
Wei WANG, Jingjing CHEN, Jining LI, Yunhai ZHANG, Zhiyu SHAO, and Benke KUAI*
Extraordinary accumulations of antioxidants in Ammopiptanthus mongolicus (Leguminosae) and Tetraena mongolica (Zygophyllaceae) distributed in extremely stressful environments
Huey-Fang Shang, Huey-Chuan Cheng, Hong-Jen Liang, Hao-Yu Liu, Sin-Yie Liu, and Wen-Chi Hou*
Immunostimulatory activities of yam tuber mucilages
Jan-Chang CHEN, Chi-Ming YANG, Shou-Tsung Wu, Yuh-Lurng CHUNG, Albert Linton CHARLES, and Chaur-Tzuhn CHEN*
Leaf chlorophyll content and surface spectral reflectance of tree species along a terrain gradient in Taiwan's Kenting National Park
Zheng-Guang ZHANG, Xiao-Bo ZHENG, Yuan-Chao WANG, and Wen-Hsiung KO*
Evaluation of the rearrangement of taxonomic position of Peronophythora litchii based on par tial DNA sequences
Chin-Hui LIU*, Jong-How CHANG, and Fu-Hung YANG
Myxomycetous Genera Perichaena and Trichia in Taiwan
Chi-Chih WU, Zhi-Fu HSU, and Chih-Hua TSOU*
Phylogeny and taxonomy of Eurya (Ternstroemiaceae) from Taiwan, as inferred from ITS sequence data
Jui-Yu CHOU, Wei-Lung WANG*, and Jui-Sheng CHANG
Three new members of Characeae (Charales, Chlorophyta) from Taiwan, including one endangered monospecific genus
Ching-I PENG*, Tung-Yu HSIEH, and Quang Hieu NGYUEN
Begonia kui (sect. Coelocentrum, Begoniaceae), a new species from Vietnam