BBAS - Volume 43 Number 1 January 2002
Volume 43 Number 1 January 2002
Motoyuki Ashikari*, Makoto Matsuoka
(Invited review paper) Application of rice genomics to plant biology and breeding
Chin-Chih Chen, Tom Hsiang, Fen-Lan Chiang, Chin-An Chang
Molecular characterization of Tuberose mild mosaic virus and preparation of its antiserum to the coat protein expressed in bacteria
Ruey-Fen Liou, Jent-Turn Lee, Hsiao-Ching Lee, Pao-Jen Ann
Analysis of Phytophthora parasitica by retrotransposon-derived DNA fingerprinting
Sue-Yen Yang, *, Ming-Yih Chen, Jeng-Tze Yang
Application of cecidomyiid galls to the systematics of the genus Machilus (Lauraceae) in Taiwan
Chih-Hua Tsou, Scott A. Mori
Seed coat anatomy and its relationship to seed dispersal in subfamily Lecythidoideae of the Lecythidaceae (The Brazil Nut Family)
Ki-Ryong Park, Anders Backlund
Origin of the cyathium-bearing Euphorbieae (Euphorbiaceae): phylogenetic study based on morphological characters
Gang Hao, Dong-Hee Lee, June Seung Lee, Nam Sook Lee
A study of taxonomical relationships among species of Korean Allium sect. Sacculiferum (Alliaceae) and related species using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers
Chi-Ming Yang, Jan-Chang Chen, Lan-Lin Peng, Jr-Syu Yang, Chang-Hung Chou
Chi-Chi Earthquake-caused Landslide: grey prediction model for pioneer vegetation recovery monitored by satellite images
Ai-Zhong Liu, De-Zhu Li*, Xi-Wen Li
Taxonomic notes on wild bananas (Musa) from China
Ting Nong Ho*, Shi Long Chen, Shang Wu Liu
Metagentiana, a new genus of Gentianaceae1