BBAS - Volume 43 Number 2 April 2002
Volume 43 Number 2 April 2002
Kuen-Yih Ho, Chern-Hsiung Ou, Jenq-Chuan Yang, Ju-Ying Hsiao
An assessment of DNA polymorphisms and genetic relationships of Casuarina equisetifolia using RAPD markers
Yu-Tien Tseng , Hsiao-Feng Lo, Shih-Ying Hwang
Genotyping and assessment of genetic relationships in elite polycross breeding cultivars of sweet potato in Taiwan based on SAMPL polymorphisms
Wen-Lii Huang, Li-Fei Liu
Carbohydrate metabolism in rice during callus induction and shoot regeneration induced by osmotic stress
Cheng-Chung Hsiao, Ru-Huei Fu, Hsien-Yi Sung*
A novel bound form of plant invertase in rice suspension cells
Yih-Juh Shiau, Abhay P. Sagare, Uei-Chin Chen, Shu-Ru Yang, Hsin-Sheng Tsay*
Conservation of Anoectochilus formosanus Hayata by artificial cross-pollination and in vitro culture of seeds
Sung Soo Whang, Kyung Choi, Robert S. Hill, JaeHong Pak
A morphometric analysis of infraspecific taxa within the Ixeris chinensis complex (Asteraceae, Lactuceae)
Hai-Shan Chi
The efficiencies of various embryo rescue methods in interspecific crosses of Lilium
Jianquan Liu, Zhiduan Chen, Anming Lu
Molecular evidence for the sister relationship of the eastern Asia-North American intercontinental species pair in the Podophyllum group (Berberidaceae)
Shih-Wen Chung, Ching-I Peng
Senecio kuanshanensis (Asteraceae), a new species from southern Taiwan
Jui-Sheng Chang, Chang-Feng Dai, Jeng Chang
A taxonomic and karyological study of the Codium geppiorum complex (Chlorophyta) in southern Taiwan, including the description of Codium nanwanense sp. nov.