BBAS - Volume 44 Number 3 July 2003
Volume 44 Number 3 July 2003
Hiroshi Hyodo*, Seijiro Yoshioka, Yoshifumi Imai, Hiroko Nakane, Fumie Nishikawa
Ethylene biosynthesis in sweet-potato root tissue induced by infection with black rot fungus (Ceratocystis fimbriata)
Wen-Li Liang, Hui-Man Huang, Rong-Dih Lin, Wen-Chi Hou
Screening for natural inhibitors of penicillinase by copolymerization of hydrolyzed starch or glycogen in sodium dodecylsulfate polyacrylamide gels for detecting penicillinase activity
Qiu-Rong Li, Stefano Di Fiore, Rainer Fischer, Miao Wang
Expression of tryptophan decarboxylase in chloroplasts of transgenic tobacco plants
Chi-Hui Lin, Yen-Yu Chen, Ching-Chou Tzeng, Hsin-Sheng Tsay, Liang-Jwu Chen
Expression of a Bacillus thuringiensis cry1C gene in plastid confers high insecticidal efficacy against tobacco cutworm - a Spodoptera insect
Dan He, Xiao-Dong Zheng*, Yuan-Ming Yin, Ping Sun, Hong-Yin Zhang
Yeast application for controlling apple postharvest diseases associated with Penicillium expansum1
Yalin Peng, Zhiduan Chen, Xun Gong, Yang Zhong, Suhua Shi
Phylogenetic position of Dipentodon sinicus: evidence from DNA sequences of chloroplast rbcL, nuclear ribosomal 18S, and mitochondria matR genes
Gang Hao, Dian-Xiang Zhang*, Ming-Yong Zhang, Li-Xiu Guo, Shi-Jin Li
Phylogenetics of Bauhinia subgenus Phanera (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae) based on ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA
Chi-Cheng Liao, Chang-Hung Chou, Jiunn-Tzong Wu
Regeneration patterns of yellow cypress on down logs in mixed coniferous-broadleaf forest of Yuanyang Lake Nature Preserve, Taiwan
Guanglian Qin, Guozhen Du, Yanjiang Luo, Gaosheng Dong, Jianyun Ma
A reexamination of the relationships among phenological complementarity, species diversity, and ecosystem function
T.T. Chang, W.N. Chou
Five polypores (Basidiomycota) new to Taiwan and their cultural characteristics
H.S. Chang
Tubeufia dactylariae sp. nov. and Acanthostigma scopulum, a new record of Taiwan