BBAS - Volume 38 Number 1 January 1997
Volume 38 Number 1 January 1997
Isabelle Besse, Bob B. Buchanan
(Invited review paper) Thioredoxin-linked plant and animal processes: the new generation
Peng-Wen Chen, Li-Wen Fang, Juey-Wen Lin, Hsin-Sheng Tsay, Hsin-Kan Wu, Liang-Jwu Chen
Isolation of cDNA clones for genes that are specifically expressed in the rice embryo
Yuan-Hsun Hwang, Shuh-Chun Chen
Effect of tonicity and additives to the fixative on ultrastructure of mesophyllous cells in Kandelia candel (L.) Druce (Rhizophoraceae)
J. K. Biswas, M. Yamauchi
Mechanism of seedling establishment of direct-seeded rice (Oryza sativa L.) under lowland conditions
N.H. Aziz, M.Z. El-Fouly, A.A. El-Essawy, M.A. Khalaf
Influence of bean seedling root exudates on the rhizosphere colonization by Trichoderma lignorum for the control of Rhizoctonia solani
Wang-Ching Ho, Wen-Hsiung Ko
A simple method for obtaining single-spore isolates of fungi
Wen-Yuan Kao
Contribution of Miscanthus transmorrisonensis to soil organic carbon in a mountain grassland: Estimated from stable carbon isotope ratio
Amy L. Barnesky, Thomas G. Lammers
Revision of the endemic Asian genus Peracarpa (Campanulaceae: Campanuloideae) via numerical phenetics
Chih-Hua Tsou, Ing-Jen Tseng, Rey-Feng Lin, Hsin-Yu Hong
Aeropalynological investigation in Taichung, Taiwan, 1993_1995
Sheng-Hua Wu
New species and new records of Hyphoderma (Basidiomycotina) from Taiwan