BBAS - Volume 39 Number 4 October 1998
Volume 39 Number 4 October 1998
Sheng Luan
(Invited review paper) Immunophilins in animals and higher plants
Yuko Kasai, Hiroshi Hyodo, Yoshinori Ikoma, Masamichi Yano
(Invited paper) Characterization of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) oxidase in broccoli florets and from Escherichia coli cells transformed with cDNA of broccoli ACC oxidase
Yung-An Lee, Shu-Ping Chiu
IS1403 and IS1404: analysis and distribution of two new insertion sequences in Xanthomonas campestris
Tzen-Yuh Chiang, Yu-Chung Chiang, Chang-Hung Chou
Complete nucleotide sequence of the intergenic spacer between 25S and 17S rDNA in Miscanthus sinensis var. glaber
Tzen-Yuh Chiang, Barbara A. Schaal, Ching-I Peng
Universal primers for amplification and sequencing a noncoding spacer between the atpB and rbcL genes of chloroplast DNA
Ing-Ming Lee, Wen-Hsiung Ko
Phytoplasmas are not associated with quick decline of macadamia trees in Hawaii
En-Jang Sun, Fen-Yi Wu
Along-vein necrosis as indicator symptom on water spinach caused by nickel in water culture
Fang-Lin Yang, Liang-Ping Lin
Cytostructure, lipopolysaccharides, and cell proteins analysis from Rhizobium fredii
Hsiao-Man Ho, Zuei-Ching Chen
Ultrastructural study of wall ontogeny during zygosporogenesis in Rhizopus stolonifer (Mucoraceae), an amended model
Nagy Halim Aziz, Youssef A. Youssef, Moheie Z. El-Fouly, Lotfy A. Moussa
Contamination of some common medicinal plant samples and spices by fungi and their mycotoxins
Ching-I Peng, Chih-Huei Chen, Wen-Pen Leu, Hsin-Fu Yen
Pluchea Cass. (Asteraceae: Inuleae) in Taiwan
Akiko Soejima, Ching-I Peng
Cytological features of the Aster ageratoides complex (Asteraceae) in Taiwan