BBAS - Volume 46 Number 2 April 2005
Volume 46 Number 2 April 2005
Xiaoyong XU, Jihong LIU*, Xiuxin DENG
FCM, SSR and CAPS analysis of intergeneric somatic hybrid plants between Changshou kumquat and Dancy tangerine
Dong-Jiann HUANG, Hsien-Jung CHEN, Chun-Der LIN, Yaw-Huei LIN
Antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk) constituents
Ai-Ling KAO, Tsz-Yin CHANG, Shuo-Hsiu CHANG, Jong-Ching SU, Chien-Chih YANG*
Characterization of a novel Arabidopsis protein family AtMAPR homologous to 25-Dx/IZAg/Hpr6.6 proteins
Chao-Zhou Li, Chao-Zhou Li, Di Wang, Gen-Xuan Wang
The protective effects of cobalt on potato seedling leaves during osmotic stress
Yulin LI, Douglas A. JOHNSON, Yongzhong SU, Jianyuan CUI, Tonghui ZHANG
Specific leaf area and leaf dry matter content of plants growing in sand dunes
Shakil AHMAD, Abdul WAHID, Ejaz RASUL, Abdul WAHID
Comparative morphological and physiological responses of green gram genotypes to salinity applied at different growth stages
Ying-Shan HSU, Shiang-Jiuun CHEN, Chin-Mei LEE, Ling-Long KUO-HUANG
Anatomical characteristics of the secondary phloem in branches of Zelkova serrata Makino
Tun-Tschu CHANG*, Wu-Rong WANG
Basidiomatal formation of Antrodia cinnamomea on artificial agar media
Fagen LI, Nianhe XIA*
Population structure and genetic diversity of an endangered species, Glyptostrobus pensilis (Cupressaceae)
Hsing-Juh LIN*, Li-Yung HSIEH, Pi-Jen LIU
Seagrasses of Tongsha Island, with descriptions of four new records to Taiwan
Jong-How CHANG, Yei-Zeng WANG
A new species of Podospora from Taiwan