BBAS - Volume 42 Number 2 April 2001
Volume 42 Number 2 April 2001
Pi-Fang Linda Chang, Chung-Yi Huang, Fa-Cheng Chang, Fa-Cheng Chang, Tong-Seung Tseng, Tong-Seung Tseng, Wan-Chi Lin, Wan-Chi Lin, Chu-Yung Lin
Isolation and characterization of the third gene encoding a 16.9 kDa class I low-molecular-mass heat shock protein, Oshsp16.9C, in rice
Jou-Ann Lai, Wei-Chen Yang, Ju-Ying Hsiao*
An assessment of genetic relationships in cultivated tea clones and native wild tea in Taiwan using RAPD and ISSR markers
Luen Hwu, Chiou-Jau Cho, S. S. Tzeanz, Alan Lin
Nucleotide sequence and the action of ribotoxin gene (sar gene) of Penicillium isolates from Taiwan
Wen-Hui Wei, Rui Qin, Yun-Chun Song, Le-Qun Guo, Ming-Guang Gu
Comparative analyses of disease resistant and nonresistant lines from maize x Zea diploperennis by GISH
Hsiuan-Lin Wu, Ruey-Shyang Hseu, Liang-Ping Lin*
Identification of Chlorella spp. isolates using ribosomal DNA sequences
Wei-Liang Chen, Dong-Jiann Huang, Pang-His Liu, Heng-Long Wang, Jong-Ching Su, Ping-Du Lee
Purification and characterization of sucrose phosphate synthase from sweet potato tuberous roots
Yuan-Hsun Hwang*, Shuh-Chun Chen
Effects of ammonium, phosphate, and salinity on growth, gas exchange characteristics, and ionic contents of seedlings of mangrove Kandelia candel (L.) Druce.
Ying Ge*, Jie Chang
Existence analysis of populations of Mosla hangchowensis, an endangered plant
H.S. Chang
Helicoon doliiformis sp. nov. and two similar helicosporous hyphomycetes from Taiwan
M. Sivadasan*, V. Abdul Jaleel, Bobby Thomas
Lagenandra keralensis (Araceae), a remarkable new species from India